Gideon Schreier Bursary for Outstanding Student Performance and Potential in the Field of Construction

2008 Winner - Liam Boyer 


Liam, left, pictured with Alexei Schreier, Joint CEO of CP Holdings and son of the late Gideon Schreier

Liam Boyer was the first student to receive the Gideon Schreier Bursary award in December 2008. This enabled Liam to purchase “books and equipment” that he otherwise “would not have been able to afford”.

When asked if bursaries incentivise students to work harder, Liam said: “I think that if the students are made aware of this it should act as a great incentive to work harder. I was both proud and delighted to win this bursary”.

“I would like this opportunity to say thank you once again, I have appreciated the bursary immensely”.