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The Stribro Garrison project is a twelve year development scheme which aims to integrate a high quality new suburb into the existing town of Stribro.

Once a major silver mining town, Prokop's Mining Tunnel is testament to its distinctive history.  From striking landscapes through to excellent renaissance architecture, Stribro's history is traceable through modern, medieval and earlier periods with the town first being established over 800 years ago.

The former Garrison site of Stribro has been designated for regeneration through a master plan design approach. The site also has the benefit of both Zoning and Regulatory Plans which support this overall visionary approach to development. The regeneration is a partnership between the town of Stribro and Waystone CZ. The specific aim of the Joint Venture parties in redeveloping the site is to produce a valuable addition to the town with a major new suburb for the benefit of the locality.


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